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Once upon a time...the Montreal Children's Library

The Children's Library was the first free children's library for English and French-speaking children in Montreal. The Library's founder, Elizabeth Murray, believed that every child should get the chance to grow up with books.

Enfants qui lisent

In 1929, Murray discovered that the Fraser Institute librarian, Mr. De Crèvecœur, had created a children's reading section but lacked the funds to buy books. Miss Murray then made contact with the local council (later the Council of Women of Montreal). Under the presidency of Maysie McSporran, a first commission was formed to study the possibility of creating a children's library.

Through a fundraising campaign, the committee secured $3,000 and in October 1929, the Fraser Institute room was opened to all girls and boys between the ages of three and sixteen. In its first month of operation, under the direction of librarian Violet McEwen, the library enrolled 208 children.

And the story was just beginning...


A branch opened at the Montreal West Public Library.  It would continue to welcome children until 1977.

Alissar Kassouf

Alexandra d'Arrisso 

Amanda Fritz

Marie-Eve Lachapelle 

Carol Levinson

Cora MacDonald

Alyssa Wiseman

Angela Crowly

Peggy Killeen

The MCL is an NPO run by a dedicated and committed volunteer Board of Directors! 


If joining this team is an idea that inspires you, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to discuss with you our future projects and how you can participate.

Bailey Levine


Tiffany Belliardo


Vincent Lamarche

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