Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Since 1995, the Montreal Children’s Library has offered free of charge the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®, a pre-literacy program for parents and their children ages 0-3.

This pre-literacy program is specifically structured to promote parent-child interaction, language acquisition, and socialization.


The weekly 1 ¼ hour session is held in a community setting where two professional animators present oral traditions of songs, interactive rhymes, and storytelling complemented by structured play and movement.

The aim of the program is to assist parents in improving their parenting while developing children’s language and pre-literacy skills.



Unlike Story Time, this program requires a commitment to attend 10 weekly sessions.

Parent-Child Mother Goose animators receive theoretical and practical training that touches not only upon rhymes and storytelling but also the basics of early childhood development and focused observation of parent-child interaction.

Parents learn how to relate to and entertain their children through observation and interaction.  As children gain confidence, they are gently introduced to the skills that will prepare them to enter the school system.

Zoom Goose, our new mini-online sessions