The MCL is currently on the look-out for dynamic individuals with a passion for children’s literature and a vibrant community spirit. If you fit the bill, you should consider applying to our organization, which helps to provide children in communities all across Montreal, especially those without municipal library services, the gift of books. Each applicant must be prepared to offer three hours of their time each week, and proficiency in both French and English is an asset. 

Volunteering Opportunities


A distinct feature of the MCL is our dedication to making our facilities warm and inviting for all who visit.

Library services involves working directly with the librarian and our patrons. Tasks range from simply

shelving and loaning books to aiding in activities such as Story Time, Chess Club, and Afterschool


If you are interested in volunteering with us, fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to see how you can contribute to the library.
Conversely, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Board, the Fundraising Committee, or Communication Committee, or if you wish to participate in group volunteering or with coding and programming, please contact our e-mail info@mcl-bjm.ca or our telephone (514) 276-7309 for more information.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Play, fun and dynamic - that's how my volunteering time in the Bibliothèque des jeunes de Montréal can be described quite appropriately with just three words. The library does not correspond at all to the typical idea of an institution full of books, in which one is admonished by a *Pscht* every time a sound is made. It is much more a place where children meet to play together, to do arts and crafts or to take the time in a moment of peace to choose a book from the large selection. In the middle of all this hustle and bustle are the two librarians Paula and Pinfang, who welcome every library visitor, every child and every employee or volunteer helper with open arms. During my entire three-month stay I always felt very comfortable in the library. The joint activities and games were a lot of fun and I will miss the children and the library very much after my stay. Thank you very much for three beautiful, educational and exciting months.


Lingenfeld, Germany

The two months of being a volunteer with the Polaris library were very enriching. I have been able to participate in multiple summer activities in a great atmosphere with the staff and the kids. From classic tasks regarding books, to the organization of art workshops and a big escape game on the theme of  the Wendigo had fulfilled my days. It's more than a simple library, it's a real living place. Being a volunteer in this place allowed me to meet people from different cultures and to discover some previously unknown skills. Many thanks to the library's team for their friendliness and their faith.


Lille, France

My two-month voluntern with The Montreal Children’s Library was one of my best experiences so far. Its wonderful staff treated me like a part of their team from day one, and I had a lot of fun working for and with them and all the lovely children at Polaris. The team gave me many interesting tasks and a lot of responsibility which allowed me to improve my professional skills, not only in English and French. Thank you so much for having me, I had an amazing time!


Eggenfelden, Germany

Working with the Montreal Children’s Library has proven to be enriching and unforgettable.   With solid support from the friendly staff, I interacted with kids and their families from all over the island of Montreal on a daily basis. Through this job, I was not only able to be exposed to a wide set of different cultures but I was also able to improve my leadership, communication, and organization skills.


Montréal, Canada

I volunteered for almost 4 months and it was a memorable experience both professionally and personally. Since the very beginning, I felt truly welcomed and trusted by all the team and I worked on the projects that interested me the most. Thanks to this opportunity, I certainly improved my work skills and got to know amazing people from all walks of life.


Barcelona, Spain

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